what is OOH?

Out-of-home advertising is any advertisement that reaches the consumer outside the home. That covers alot of ground, but we specialize in:

Custom wallscapes, traditional & digital billboards. High volume traffic. Messaging tied to social media campaigns to measure results.


Captive audience for hours with not much to do? Check. Droves of business travelers? Check. Abundant space for experiential displays? Check. Airports often have the most foot traffic of any building in a given state.

Sports Venue

Courtside/field signage and video. Brand experiences and sampling opportunities. Consumers can’t fast forward through your message, and you might just see it later on SportsCenter.


Mobile billboards, street ads, urban commercial art, vehicle displays, brand experiences and more. Some of the most creative marketing applications are found in this category.

about ramp

Our culture is distinctly Northwest:

Ramp Marketing Inc. is an OOH ad agency based in Portland, Oregon. We opened shop in 2007 to help brands and partner agencies place compelling out-of-home media campaigns in markets throughout the United States. We research, negotiate and secure the best opportunities for you based on your goals. We love our clients. We strive to provide the highest level of customer service and results.

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this guy...

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Jere Hanks
Jere Hanks
Like the master of promotions Bill Veeck Jr., Mr. Hanks got his start in professional baseball. Then he did some fun things for the University of Oregon and ESPN. Now he works for you. “I try not to break the rules, merely test their elasticity.” – Bill Veeck Jr.


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